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Stephen Willats: Speculative Modeling with Diagrams (1/1)
Stephen Willats: Speculative Modeling with Diagrams
PublicationEN / NLPrint 

Text by Stephen Willats 
Designed in collaboration with Scott Ponik 
Published by Casco, 2007 
29 pages, English 
Price: 5,00 
Since the late 1950s British artist Stephen Willats has employed the diagram as a tool to illustrate dynamic flows of information and relationships within social networks. His use of diagrams developed further through his interest in cybernetics and Black Box theories, where the diagram was employed as a speculative tool for mapping systems. Willats saw this as having the potential to describe social relationships and to offer new philosophical, social and ideological visions. At Casco, a selection of diagrams were presented alongside a new series of posters that were distributed around the city of Utrecht. The exhibition was accompanied by this illustrated booklet with a new text by Willats that specifically addresses the role of diagrams in his art practice.