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N55 No. 38, in cooperation with Lisette Smits (1/1)
N55 No. 38, in cooperation with Lisette Smits
Publication, 19 Aug 2000EN / NLPrint 

Text by Lisette Smits 
Edited by N55 in collaboration with Casco 
Published by Casco 
150 x 210mm 
Black and white 
16 pages, English 
ISBN 1396 7738 
Price: Free 
No.38 is published in the context of the Spaceframe, a project by the Danish collective N55 in collaboration with Casco. The project is made up of an installation built together with architect Erling Sørvin in a private apartment in Utrecht to propose how art may be integrated into our daily lives. Spaceframe is a low-cost and movable construction that reflects N55 practices and concerns about art as part of everyday life. It was conceived as a unit for 3 or 4 people and designed to dismantle and rebuild with ease.