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For Potatoes We've Got Potatoes
Publication, 27 Jul 2010EN / NLPrint 

Texts by Maarten Biesheuvel 
Rearranged by Jort van der Laan 
Designed by Rogier Delfos 
146 x 210 mm 
This is DAI student's Jort van der Laan's contribution to the GDR; a collection of stories, titled: For Potatoes We've Got Potatoes. He translated 'Een lief verlegen vrouwtje' (A sweet, shy little lady) by Dutch writer Maarten Biesheuvel, took the text apart and rearranged everything into seven short stories. The different parts highlight the underlying theme throughout the text: labour vs. non-appreciated domestic-labour or housework; the work that isn't, unless you can pay someone to do it for you.