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12 Dec – 16 Dec 2012
Mieke Van de Voort, 20 Nov – 23 Nov 2008

General States
An abstract plane for gatherings
Event, 23 Jan – 06 Feb 2009EN / NLPrint 

Lectures by sociologists Anne Querrien and Wilbert van Vree  
& launch of the publication ‘General States: A Practical Guide’  
Friday 6 February 2009, 19:00 
Processes of participation consist of series of meetings or gatherings. How can the history of gatherings be written, and what are the specific modes of contemporary meeting practice? How do such meetings influence the present-day state of governance, and what kinds of gatherings can produce a setting for collective reinvention, particularly in time of "crisis"? Anne Querrien, Paris-based urban sociologist, and Wilbert van Vree, Amsterdam-based author of the book ‘Meetings, Manners and Civilization’ share their insights on these questions at Casco on Friday 6 February at 19:00 hrs. 
'An abstract plane for gatherings' is also the launch of the publication ‘General States: A Practical Guide’, which is the fourth part of the project Generale Staten (General States) by Mieke Van de Voort. In this project, gatherings of about 25 participants were crucial for evolving the story of an isolated town under the deadly epidemic in the form of a collective performance or game. With the lectures and this publication, a guide for replaying the game, General States anticipates the further spread and mutation of its stories.  
‘General States: A Practical Guide’ 
Text & Images by Mieke Van de Voort 
Design by Julie Peeters, Werkplaats Typografie 
Published by Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory 
ISBN: 978-9-49006-001-5, € 7 
For ordering, please contact info@cascoprojects.org