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Bernadette Corporation, 11 Sep 2004

Content: Get Rid of Yourself
Bernadette Corporation, Event, 09 Jun – 18 Jun 2004EN / NLPrint 

"As style has ripened into an intrinsic and influential form of information, it seems that anything can and will be stylized, and the burdens of social reality, the attention to real material concerns, disappear behind ever more abstract conceptions of value".  
(uit: A Question of Style, Ina Blom)  
'Content' is part of 'Snowscape', an installation by artist Roma Pas at Casco. 'Snowscape' creates an 'image-charge-free' zone in order to provide a setting for two lectures, a film screening and a performance. 'Content' surveys contemporary notions of representation, investigating current relations between image and subject, surface and content, aesthetics and ethics. 
'Get Rid of Yourself’  
a film of Bernadette Corporation  
9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 juni 2004  
Bernadette Corporation has been operating as a fictional company in the cultural market system since 1995. Producing fashion, videos and the magazine 'Made in the USA', they have surrendered their status as individual artists. The film 'Get Rid of Yourself' (2003, 61 min.) was shot at the anti- globalization protests in Genua. The film is about the potential of a community, which defines itself by radically rejecting a political identity and reveals a new horizon where aesthetics and politics can once again meet. Bernadette Corporation is a company by Antek Walzcak, Bernadette von Huy and John Kesley.