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Miltos Manetas, Project, 16 Nov – 15 Dec 2002EN / NLPrint 

"Computing is to NEEN what fantasy is to Surrealism and freedom to Communism. It creates the context but can also be postponed." (Miltos Manetas)  
In May 2000 Lexicon Branding (the company that developed the names Powerbook and Pentium, among others) was commissioned by artist Miltos Manetas to invent a term for a new art movement that is characterised by artistic experiments between the real and virtual worlds, between studio and screen. NEEN was the resulting term, a palindrome created by a computer programme after it was fed with words like "screen" and "new". NEEN represents the mentality of an undefined generation of NEENsters; contemporary artists, software programmers, web designers and videogame animators. NEEN refers to Internet and computer art, software and hardware, architecture and design. NEEN is a category for the unmade, the undefined and functions as a third category: good, bad and NEEN, or: art, non-art and NEEN. In old-Greek NEEN is "exactly now, no second later". This is a nice coincidence as it reflects what Manetas"s NEEN stands for. It is impossible to grasp NEEN, because after a second it is already gone. In this spirit, Manetas chose to entitle the first presentation and introduction of NEEN in Europe AFTERNEEN.  
For AFTERNEEN in Casco, Manetas invited about thirty internationally operating NEENsters to participate. The installation consists of the interactive NEENWORLD, designed by architect Andreas Angelidakis. This world can be visited online and is projected in the space of Casco. Avatars discuss the future based on manifestos by Manetas, like "Websites is the art of our times", "NEEN and Telic", or "A Prisoner" (a manifesto against copyright).  
The audience will be invited to visit the world by NEENsters who are embodying the avatars. During the opening some NEENsters will also be walking around in real life and real space: dressed in their avatar-costume they will bring about a confusing doubling.  
As part of the AFTERNEEN-show Manetas selected ten websites, which will be projected onto a screen in Casco. They can also be visited online at www.afterneen.com. Gnac, Mark Tranmer, Trinasim, Boy in Static, Sawako, Nobukazu Takermura and Aki Tsuyuko have composed special music for the show.  
Miltos Manetas (1962) lives and works in Los Angeles and New York.