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Begona Munoz, Project, 11 Jan – 08 Feb 1998EN / NLPrint 

In the summer of 1997, Begoņa Muņoz sent a handwritten invitation:'Saturday 21 June I will be in the Petit Cafe de Sluyswacht, Jodenbreestraat 1, and from 13:00 till 13:40 I invite you to kiss me'. On the front of the invitation was a picture of the cafe with the title Acciķnde Begoņa. Some friends and acquaintances of Begoņa's expected a performance, others presumed the invitation was personal. But Acciķn deBegoņa is an example of the way in which Muņoz aims to relate to her public: in a give-and-take relationship. She asks her public to invest time and energy in the work, to share the effort. Breakfast compromises a light part in the Casco office, and a dark part inthe exhibition space. In the exhibition space there will be two videos in an intimate environment, while the work in the office will be visible to the public from the street outside. This conflict between intimacy and the (im)possibility of making intimacy public is an important part of Muņoz's work. The video addresses such opposites as private and public, warmth and coldness, madness and normality.To break with the convention of Casco's normal opening hours, Breakfast will be open in the mornings. The duration of the film is also the duration of the opening hours of the exhibition. 
translation: Annabel Howland 
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