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25 Aug 2007
03 Nov 2007
15 Jan – 05 Jun 2009

Hidden Curriculum
Annette Krauss: Hidden Curriculum (1/1)
Annette Krauss: Hidden Curriculum
Publication, 10 Aug 2008EN / NLPrint 

A project by Annette Krauss 
Co-published by Casco and Episode, 2008 
Design by Julia Born and Laurenz Brunner 
190 x 260 mm 
100 pages, English/Dutch 
ISBN 978-90-597-3088-5 
Price: € 15,00 
A document of Annette Krauss’ project ‘Hidden Curriculum’ that looks at the unrecognized and unintended knowledge, values and beliefs that are part of the learning process in schools. Produced in collaboration with two groups of 15-17 year old students, it focuses on actions that go beyond existing norms and show creative and productive ways of navigating through everyday life in high school.