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Ei Arakawa with Mari Mukai,..., 23 Apr – 06 Jun 2010

Oppositional Architecture
An Architektur: Production und Gebrach gebauter Umwelt (1/1)
An Architektur: Production und Gebrach gebauter Umwelt
PublicationEN / NLPrint 

Issue nr. 18, September 2007 
Edited by Olivier Clemens, Jesko Fezer, Kinm Förster, Anke Hagemann, Sabine Horlitz, Anita Kaspar and Andreas Müller 
Design by ITF Grafik Design 
Published by An Architektur e.V., 2007 
122 pages, English 
ISSN 1610-2789 
Price: € 10,00 
Looking for possible ways of resistance within the field of architecture and planning, Berlin-based magazine An Architektur organised the first Camp for Oppositional Architecture in Berlin in 2004. They brought together practitioners and researchers who exchanged approaches and developed a common basis of discourse on the open idea of oppositional architecture. With the second Camp, hosted in November 2006 by Casco, An Architektur explored the theoretical grounds on which such projects could develop. 
During the Camp analytical approaches were presented and discussed that invent, explore and reflect on possibilities of architectural resistance: How can we conceptualize the idea of opposition within the field of architecture and planning? Which projects can we refer to as a common basis to empower our practice? How can we withstand the demands of a capitalist production of space and try to develop a non-affirmative attitude within this powerful contiguity?  
This issue of An Architektur presents the revised key lectures of the gathering, as well as further short statements from the initial call for papers.