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Uitzicht (1/1)
Publication, 04 Sep 1997EN / NLPrint 

Map of Harmelen, Utrecht and Wageningen 
Text by Birthe Leemeijer 
Design in cooperation with Oskar Uyer 
Published by Casco, 1997 
826 x 436 mm (unfold), 118 x 218 mm (fold) 
Price: Free 
‘Uitzicht, bankjes in en om Utrecht’ is a project around a series of meetings on benches in the open air. Birthe Leemeijer has had a number of walks with keen walkers like Wessel Zweers, who explained to her why he enjoys the view of a row of bicycles on the Oudegracht, while sitting on his favorite bench in front of Utrecht’s Town Hall. Leemeijer’s work is ephemeral in that the work only exists in a meeting or conversation with the audience, and subsequently only in the mind, not as an object. 
Casco is her intermediate station, the space where she has collected information and stories on the benches for the visitor. 
The map that was issued in this project indicated the benches, and a number of times when Birthe Leemeijer could be found there to talk about the Uitzicht. The map was available free of charge.