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06 Sep 2006

Alternative Economies , Artistic Research
Zachary Formwalt: Reading the Economist
Publication, 28 Oct 2010EN / NLPrint 

Text and design by Zachary Formwalt 
Co-published by Casco and Fundação de Serralves-Museu de Arte Contemporânea,2010 
152 x 200 mm 
82 pages, English 
ISBN: 978-97-273-9241-4 
Price: € 15,00 
'Reading the Economist' is presented in the context of Future Park II – Reproduction Direct from Nature to investigate the relations between the capitalist economy and image reproduction to see how these mediate our urban reality. Here, Formwalt gathers several archive documents from the late nineteenth century when the first credit panic occurred in Britain. Texts and images taken from Karl Marx’s notebooks, The Economist and the American Daily Graphic, re-link and re-write historical connections and stories from this period allowing for a reconsideration of the current economic crisis.