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'Home Cinema' gathering in the GDR apartment (2/3)  
Event, 31 Oct 2010EN / NLPrint 

HOME CINEMA on films about domestic labour  
GDR apartment, Bemuurde Weerd oz 18b  
With Phil Collins, Michèle Faguet and Tamar Guimarães  
'Home Cinema' is one GDR's regular activities where the screening of films, that touch upon different aspects of domesticity, neighbourhood organisation, urban planning and alternative politics take place. On the occasion of GDR GOES ON, films that deal with domestic labour issues in the context of a global chain of labour economy will be screened in the intimate and informal environment of the GDR apartment. With screenings of ‘Soy Mi Madre’ (2008) by Berlin-based artist Phil Collins and ‘Canoas’ (2010) by Copenhagen-based artist Tamar Guimarães in conversation with curator Michèle Faguet, we hope to explore the aesthetic and structural affects of architecture, popular culture and the ways in which they influence our imaginings and realities of the experience of domestic service work. Can such aesthetic investigations offer ways to rethink the potential agency of actors within these realms? Domestic workers and labour union organisers in the Netherlands are invited to join the post-screening discussion to bring to light local experiences and issues. 
'The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON' is a midway manifestation of 'User's Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution' (GDR), Casco's long term 'living research' project developed in partnership with Utrecht Manifest: Biennial for Social Design. Click here for information on the entire GDR GOES ON programme.