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04 Oct – 21 Oct 2013
21 Jun – 30 Jun 2013
Celine Condorelli, 17 Sep – 18 Nov 2007

Affinity, Support
Nijntje (Miffy) statue covered with the message on the ‘March for Civilisation’, Nijntje Square Utrecht, 22 June 2011, anonymous Photo: Åbäke (Patrick Lacey) (1/1)

Dear all,  
Casco would like to urge you to join the MARCH FOR CIVILISATION this Sunday and Monday. Most importantly we should show our PRESENCE on MONDAY 27 JUNE AT MALIEVELD IN THE HAGUE FROM NOON. If you are abroad, please join us in spirit. Our presence will stand for social, cultural, political values now under the threat by our current neo-liberal government in the Netherlands, as manifested in its austerity plan for the coming years of cultural and social welfare policies. We claim for a Commons, not for a free market survival game. 
Casco team 
PS. Prior to the gathering in Rotterdam and/or The Hague, join us for two assemblies by Casco: 
11.00-13.00 'Assembly (The Grand Domestic Revolution)', GDR TOWN MEETING with Agency (special location: Huis a/d Werf dressing room, Boorstraat 107, Utrecht) 
14.00-16.00 ‘Real People, Where are You?’ 2nd 'COHAB' assembly with Can Altay and Jeremiah Day at Casco 
Websites for immediate reference: 
March for Civilisation 
Metropolis M 
Sven Lutticken’s blog 
‘The Commons: What It Is, How to Reclaim It’, a Dialogue and Debate with Michael Hardt 
Time line for the March 
• 26 June, 20.00 March leaves from Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam and will arrive in The Hague around 3 am.  
• 27 June 03.00-09.00 Overnight possibilities in The Hague.  
• 27 June 12.00 Start gathering at Malieveld and march to the Binnenhof. Protest will commence at 13.00.