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Poser design by Ester Bartels and Marieke Houwers (1/1)
BK-NU, Event, 02 Sep – 07 Sep 2012EN / NLPrint 

BK-NU(Beeldende Kunst Netwerk Utrecht) is Academiegalerie; BAK; Casco; Expodium; FOTODOK; and Impakt. 
Where: Lange Nieuwstraat 4 (BAK), Utrecht 
When: 2, 5, 6, and 7 September, 12:00h–18:00 h (for group reservations, please e-mail: bknu@bknu.nl
More Information (in Dutch): www.bknu.nl 
Entrance: Free 
PRESENT! offers the Utrecht audience the unique chance to discover the city’s wide range of contemporary and critical art in 2012. During the Uitfeest, Academiegalerie, BAK, Casco, Expodium, FOTODOK , and Impakt—the six institutions in the Beeldende Kunst Netwerk Utrecht (BK-NU)—present themselves and their programs together for the first time. Discover the diverse and experimental in Utrecht: from design to fashion; from visual art to media art; and from documentary photography to art in the public space. 
Academiegalerie shows a work by Utrecht fashion designer Winde Rienstra, BAK looks ahead to the exhibition How Much Fascism? with a body of work by Jonas Staal, and Casco presents the sitcom Our Autonomous Life? as part of the project The Grand Domestic Revolution. From its long-term project locatie: KANALENEILAND, Expodium shows work by Susana Pedrosa and Informal Strategies. FOTODOK presents work from Verzamelplaats, Verhalen uit het Utrechtse Landschap and Impakt sets the stage for the upcoming Impakt Festival with a work by Foundland on Internet propaganda in Syria. 
After the Uitfeest, PRESENT! is on view until 7 September. Throughout the presentation BK-NU invites groups to participate in guided tours (in Dutch or English) focusing on the mission and vision of the institutions and on their autumn programs.