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K8 Hardy, Beautiful Radiating Energy (1/4)  
Feminist Publishing
K8 Hardy/LTTR, Amy Spencer, GLU, Event, 12 Nov 2005 19:00, 12 Nov 2005 19:00, 12 Nov 2005 19:00Print

Amy Spencer (London) 
Former zine writer and record label founder Amy Spencer recently authored 'DIY: The Rise of Lo-fi Culture', which traces the origins of the DIY ethic to the sci-fi zines of the 30s, the self-publishing of the beats, the skiffle movement of the 50s and of course the all-empowering punk scene of the 70s, charting radical movements such as Riot Grrrl, Queercore and the ever-flourishing zine-scene. 
LTTR: Presentation by K8 Hardy (New York) 
Standing for both ‘Listen Translate Translate Record’, and ‘Lesbians To The Rescue’, LTTR is a collectively made journal of aesthetics and protest. It brings together a community of queer and feminist artists, writers, and cultural producers, documenting a thriving community of artistic and political lesbians, queers and trans people, and creating channels for dialogue and creative collaboration within these cultures. LTTR regularly organises events connected with the journal in New York and beyond.  
Girls Like Us: Presentation by Jessica Gysel and Kathrin Hero (Amsterdam) 
GLU is a new magazine by Jessica Gysel and Kathrin Hero for women seeking a contemporary representation of lesbian identity. They focus on successful, creative, outspoken women who are not afraid to take risks and have a sense of humour or play on lesbian identity.  
Performance: ‘Beautiful Radiating Energy’, K8 Hardy  
In Beautiful Radiating Energy artist K8 Hardy militantly confronts the audience to possess and critique sexist stereotypes. The performance draws upon the personal politics from the Women's Liberation and Riot Grrrl movements. Conversing with the video images and screen with dubious gestures and disarming cheers, Hardy explores an imaginary, and perhaps impossible landscape filled with other like-minded militants.