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Art Project Ideas for Beginners

It is a no-brainer that many artists worldwide have dedicated thousands of hours to building the most appealing art forms that have attracted visitors worldwide. In addition, they spend almost an entire lifetime perfecting their sketching, drawing, painting, and tracing abilities.

Whether you aim to produce art pieces like da Vinci or create a brand for yourself, you must start as a beginner at some point. If you feel now is the time to do so, we have enlisted some of the best and the most accessible art project ideas to help you gain the hook into the field. These project ideas will not only help you get started with your skills but also help you gain expertise with regular practice.


City landscape or skyline

It will get you started with painting, drawing, and color theory. We always drew landscapes with the sun, mountains, and houses when we started as kids. Try to recreate a landscape in your city. You can also Google your favorite towns and try to play the exact picture. By mixing light or dark colors in the background, you can get the effect of daylight or nightlight, as you wish!

Abstract painting

It will start with painting, creative thinking, and color theory. If you feel you’re not ready to recreate an image from the internet, it is best to start with some abstract painting. You can draw attention to shapes and colors and get creative with patterns.

Beach Landscape

It will get you started with drawing and color theory. Try to take inspiration from a recent beach you visited, or give your brain some work and imagine a typical seaside view. Then, if you have a beach nearby, take a stroll down and draw something which attracts your eye. By doing this exercise, you can play with different colors, landscapes, houses, the colors and textures of the waves, and many more. You can also add vegetation, like palm trees, bushes, etc., by the shore.

Cartoon character or portrait

It will start with painting, drawing, color theory, and creative thinking. One of the most straightforward ways to become a creative artist is to start with portraits. First, take a photograph of yourself and try to pen it down! It is essential to begin with your photograph because you know your traits, personality, and character better, which you can quickly bring out on the paper. Then, if you’re not ready yet, select your favorite cartoon character and try to imprint the same on your paper.

Cartoon character

Draw fruits or flowers

It will start with painting, drawing, color theory, and creative thinking. When you visit professional art classes, one of the first lessons is to interpret the emotions of a fruit or an object in front of you and draw the image which speaks to you!

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