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Art Shows for Architecture Lovers

The love for the design of buildings is often depicted by architects who are in the business of engineering a great-looking model of a house, ready for execution. Architects and lovers generally gain inspiration for their next project from the different buildings they see around them. They study the reason behind their shape, construction, amenities, crunch space, masterpiece delivered in the given space, and many others.

Another way to gain inspiration is through art shows. New spectacular buildings, exhibitions, and others have often inspired artists to have a closer look at things and complement the strength of other architects. So if you’re an architect or a lover of architecture looking for art shows around the world, this article is for you. Read more information given below.


The Met

The new commission services of The Met are the first debut of the historical intervention, which has earlier been making museums for almost 117 years. This art show will contain real-life sculptures, life-sized women pictures, and many others, which will help architecture lovers stroll down memory lane and inspire others to take up these designs in their following projects.

Pace Gallery

It is another destination with 75,000 square feet of Kozerski architecture which is located in New York. One of the primary reasons behind opening the art gallery is to showcase previous architects’ talents and encourage young minds to take the legacy forward. This includes the work dos Alexander Calder, who built a massive 19-foot sculpture that is even now an engineering marvel.

Berggren Gallery

It is located on the West Coast of San Francisco and showcases the architectural beauty of the transparent sculpture staircase, Weisse’s clean lines, different paintings of millions, and many others. According to reviews from people, this is a new space that welcomes people with open arms and provides them with a dive into the rich architectural world. Therefore, any future architects or architecture lovers, in general, can visit this place without hesitation and gain the necessary information and inspiration.


It is present on 348 West street, which was once home to a Korean art named Do Ho Suh. Now, it is an architectural gallery inviting people to look at the marvel he created. The re-scaling is working on the ground floor. It is also worth the visit, which has rendered minute details of different aspects, from the knobs to the oven and other intrinsic details of the place. It is a dream for every architect lover to visit this place at least once in their life.

Royal Academy of arts

It is a newly opened art show located in the United Kindom, which plays with its architecture, leaving the audience stunned and mesmerized. The gallery is turned into a series of experimental environments which is work a visit.

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