Art Projects

Art Projects to Unleash Your Creative Side

Art is about displaying your uniqueness, but it is also possible to create anything truly amazing when different individuals combine their abilities. Children, teenagers, and parents may all participate in these group art installations, and the outcomes are ones that everybody can be pleased with.

Add details to your thumbprints

Every youngster just prints their thumbprint on a little piece of paper and subsequently uses a black marker to draw a character on it. Combine them to create a multi-colored mosaic, then frames the excellent performance.

Pom-poms stacked into a bush

Making yarn pom-poms is simple and a fantastic place of using up leftover fabric. Every kid should provide one or a few, which you should then attach to a Styrofoam shape to create a cute miniature branch.

Assemble a drip mural

Let them individually create a “drip” artwork for this group art installation, then layer them together to create a large final painting.

Tile silhouettes should border the hallway

This is an interesting approach to honoring a graduation ceremony. Create colorful terracotta bricks for the pupils to cover the wooden figures that they have carved out.

Create a city space

Kids’ initial drawings of their city skylines serve as the foundation for this group endeavor. Finally, they individually pick their most beloved structure and include it in a broader metropolis.

Work together on a canvas

Just let a phrase or a word that is significant to your pupils’ learning be surrounded by vibrant colors. Allow children to add the colors and shapes after repainting the words first. Continue by straightening any corners that have crossed any boundaries.

Put flowers in a large vase

Use Vincent van Gogh as your motivation and assign every pupil to make a lovely impressionistic paper blossom. Then, create a sizable paper flower, mount it on a board or a whiteboard, and load it with all of your lovely flowers!

Display the Alphabet

Every child should select a word and create a drawing or painting to depict it. We adore how this sample includes the handprints and fingers of the pupils.


Put butterflies on the ceiling

Kids would be motivated to set the bar higher by these lovely butterflies. Every pupil makes a paper butterfly on their own. They are therefore put together to create a genuine voyage of fantasy!

Combine squares to create a fantastic piece

It will require some time and preparation to complete this job. Students identify a topic and then dissect it into distinct paintings, each painted in their unique way. You receive a stunningly original piece of art to show when it has been put back together.

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